Creating a character


How you create your character could greatly impact your LARP experience. If you’re unaccustomed to larping, there’s a sense of safety to create a character that’s close to your true self, since this means you can talk and act failry unhindered, for example it can feel safe for a person who is knowledgable about machines and engines to play a mechanic. But if you know a lot about a subject it can also be fun to create a character who is incredibly insufficient in a subject that you - in real life - are quite adapt in, since this also gives a sense of security and knowledge about how for example a good mechanic would NOT act, it’s all about playing around with the characteristics in a way that suits you as a person. If you’re a seasoned larper there might be some allure to challenging yourself in the character you create by choosing characteristics, professions or values that you don’t possess personally or that you personally don’t know that much about. If you’ve been to a few larps it’s easier to improvise when you’re encountering situations where you’re not sure how for example a physician would react (provided you’re not a physician in real life) and this could create unbelievably funny situations and make the game take a whole new direction.

To have a profession

In the Green Wars Aftermath we encourage the players to choose a profession that will function as the characters main employment in Håle. How much or little you choose to act on your profession is up to you, but this could be a way to receive more interaction/game and intrigues.

There will be a few professions that requires it’s player to put some more time into their profession, this will be specified under the professions in question, but an example is physician or tavern owners. Think about at leats two professions you can see yourselves in, since we’ll ask you to state your firsthand- and secondhand choice when you sign up, if you wish for a profession at all. In every profesison you can choose to have a fighting or non-fighting character.

Get to know your character

To get to know your character on a deeper level, you can write a background story and think about how this shaped your character. Or you might write a character first, and then a background that goes with it. Believable characters ar both more easy to play and more fun to play against. Write in things into your background that others have done towards you or you against others, it’s good to build intrigues onto and will mean more intrigues for you.


You can also write things in your background that others have done against you, or that you’ve done against others. Which usually gives a ton of gameplay since this makes for the possibility to create relationships with other players before the larp begins. Some short highlights in your life that shows something about your character or that has affected how they’ve turned out can be useful to have to understand the character on a deeper level and make it more interesteing to interact with. What can you act out in a believable way and how do you do that? You can base your character’s personality on characters from movies, books or games if you want, but remember not to copy too much (names, outfits etc etc becomes very obvious). Somone has probably read that book, seen that movie or played that game and if this connection becomes too apparent it could break the illusion for other players.