Where: Berget, Härnösand
When: 22-25 August 2019

Welcome to the LARP world of Green Wars Aftermath, a LARP experience about survival, misery and rebuilding a society in the dark nordic woods. Our main campaign KNUTPUNKT HÅLE takes place 5 years after the Green Wars.

In the main campaign your character gets the chance to take part in a post apocalyptic society where interaction between groups of different professions, political powerplay and the wrestle for resources decide who goes hungry and who does not. In addition to the main campaign there will also emerge some detatched smaller LARPS in the same world, but maybe at a different time, a different place or in a different setting. However, these smaller LARPS will always be related to the main campaign in some way, and often it will be possible to play the same character you play in the main campaign. You can read more about these event in the section “Registration”.

The world of Green Wars Aftermath has an aesthetics based on a romanticized post-apocalypse infused with industrial futurism and a heavy feeling of misery. We prioritize personal expression and our focus lies in manifesting something, rather than simulating realism and tightly kept practical survivalism. The organisation of the main campaign can be described as a partial “sandbox”, which means the characters have a direct influence on the content and outcome of the game. However, a main plot will be present for those who wish to pursue it, and this will be more or less prominent depending on which profession you belong to.

Notice that this LARP partly contains airsoft and soft LARP weapons. But! This is NOT an airsoft event or a military simulation event: we are all here to primarily roleplay a character while we relate to the bullets that occasionally whizzel by our heads. Our intention is to provide a post apocalyptic LARP experience where the player can enjoy both action, social relations and political plots. Further down on this page we treat you to a short taste on what you can expect from our main campaign KNUTPUNKT HÅLE.

See ya in the post apocalypse!



The year is 2209, and the world as it was abruptly ended 5 years ago when the Green Wars broke lose over big parts of the world. Governments had failed to provide the people with food for a long time due to substantial droughts, impoverished soil, extreme weather and lack of organisation. The shortcoming of supplies also affected medical care and medicine. Antibiotics had stopped working a long time ago, and now people died from such harmless things such as inflammation of the lungs. Pandemics of disease shook the world continously, and all of this contributed to the Green Wars. The consequences of a global multi war were devestating, and in many parts of the world all of the most important communal agencies were put out.

Many functions of society that were taken for granted disappeared in a matter of days and it struck hard against the population. Things like health care, food industries and hygiene were no longer something humans could expect in their every day lives, since neither society nor its inhabitants were prepared for this quick change, a lot of people perished in the process. The survivors were the ones that had been preparing themselves, the ones who were ready to fight at the expense of others, the driven and inventive ones or the lucky ones.

5 years after The Green Wars the population is greatly reduced, but in some places small societies have begun to take form. Such a place is Håle, which has come to function as a meeting- and trading place for those who travel to or from the coast of Västerbotten. The area is operated by a group who established the place about 6 months ago, and that created rules for how buisness is run and for who gets to stay and for how long. Those who are allowed to stay in Håle a longer time is granted this because of the function or service they provide, most often because of their profession that contributes to Håle as a society. What is concidered useful depends on who you ask, and this means that all types of characters are to be found here. Expect to find everything from charismatic Vendors, nervous Scholars, clamorous Prophets, aspiring Adventurers and one or two Delinquents, all in a great mix. For those who dare to travel into the wilderness around Håle, there is a possibility to run into outcasts who aren’t welcome into society, not to mention the Zone-runners and the mutated animals who are believed to reside in the woodlands.


Lately more and more individuals have found their way to the area, and the leaders of Håle understand that there’s a rumor along the coast that somewhere in the vicinity, there is an ancient artefact that could lead the way to “a stronghold of knowledge”. Exactly what this means is yet unknown, but the artefact is believed to be of great technological value. The one who gets their hands on this artefact would probably be able to secure the future for themselves and their descendants, and guarantee a place among the richest and most influential people in this world (even if in this world that might only ensure a warm bed and two hot meals à day). Maybe you’ve come to Håle to see if you can take this artefact for yourself. Maybe you’ve come here only to trade , maybe this is where you’ll find peace in an otherwise hard and lonely existence. Håle does after all have the reputation to be one of the first organised and consisting societies where a production of local crops are starting to flourish, something that strengthens the position of Håle as a juncture and also makes outside organisations seek cooperation with it.