The aesthetics of the larp is based on a romanticized apocalypse with elements of industry, futurism and misery. Here we prioritize personal expression and we focus on expressing something rather than actual realistic survival. Culture and personal expression was important before The Green Wars, and this continues afterwards as well. Your character will find themselves in a setting taking place 5 years after the end of the world which affects the range of clothes and equipment available. Newly produced clothes and accessories are very rare, a white t-shirt or only partly worn down sneakers are out of the question.

So what do people wear? Maybe your character has a unitary style through and through, where every garment match perfectly even though they’re so worn out that they’re almost falling apart. Or your character have a more scrappy look that consists of less and less worn down garments and things they’ve got their hands on after many journeys. Or maybe your character belongs to a group or gang that tries to match in colour, form or style that either succeeds or fails miserably. Maybe you have a character that has put a lot of their time into gathering tactical clothes and equipment, but has to complete it with a road sign. Your imagination is the limit!



The great part of the post apocalypse is that there’s really only one ruel when it comes to create your outfit. That rule is “more patination!” 5 years after the apocalypse there’s basicly no production of clothes, and the tiny amount that is created is probably pretty beige and boring garments in ill-fitting natural materials. Preferebly you can patinate your garments and equipment to different levels, since this creates a nice finished product that can contribute to telling the story of your character.

In autumn the weather and temperature can differ a lot, and that’s why it’s a good idea to apply the ‘layered principle’ when you create your outfit. This leads to you being able to easily putting on and taking off as much clothes as you want to maintain the right temperature, and it also looks badass.

If you feel like it’s a challenge to assemble your outfit our number one tip is: Keep it simple. A pair of pants, a t-shirt and a jumper/jacket in neutral colours. Some patination and a pair of boots to top it of is a great start.


The one who choose to arm themselves with weapons has a lot of weapons to choose from. It’s still uncommon to have a functioning firearm, and a lot of the time these are in doubtful condition, aswell as looks and operatively. The ones who owns a former-fire (read guns of old) are rarely late to tell this to their surroundings, and to own a firearm is a dream for most people. Whether one plans to use it or not. The most sought after firearm is the ones who’s got themselves a great deal of patination, the ones who with their scratches and rust can tell a story. Most people are happy with simpler weapons like axes, bows, scythes or knives, while others have turned weapon-creation into an art. Creations where saws, studded balls, barbed wire play important parts. Once again your imagination sets the limits!

Weapons that does NOT exist in this world: scifi-weapons, weapons with a clear fantasy-touch, amazing mega-weapons that oneshots everyone in one hit and so on. If you’re unsure, send us an e-mail. Observe that this part only considers the aesthetics of your weapons. Rules about how weapons function and their limitations are found under Regler.