Knutpunkt håle


The mentality in Håle is open and welcoming, at least on the surface. But someone who’ll scratch passed the surface will soon notice that there are underlying conflicts, an atmosphere that can be felt to the bone. Fearing for tomorrow, competition with one another, the sorrow of the survivor. These are just a few of the forces that may set social events in motion, with disastrous consequenses. The wise would therefore not get too comfortable in the security and relief which often appear within when you for the first time in years, sit yourself down around the campfire along with other people, your neighbour could be your future best friend or your worst enemy. Even though the feeling of solidarity by the campfire is double-edged it might also be the only chance for survival. Beyond Håle’s borders the Fields spread wide, where more of both this and that lurks in the shadows. Stories of zone-runners has passed unnoticed to none, and nobody is completely certain of what exactly recides out there. Still, rumor has it that they where once humans that were exposed to extensive radiation, and now resemble zombies more than anything else. Lately a great many travelers has spoken of mutaded animals, moving in smaller packs in the night and its said they come from the abandoned laboratory a few kilometers beyond Håle. If these creatures compose a threat or not is unclear, but few are willing to take the risk, and therefore makes sure to keep within Håle’s boundaries after dark. The one who still choose to venture into the Fields would be wise to recruit individuals with specific competence of trade, like guardians for protection, scholars with knowledge of radiation, since more than one adventurous inhabitant of Håle has ventured to later return with internal bleeding and failing organs as a result of radiation-sickness. Luckily most people keep from such escapades in The Fields, and during everyday life even the most adventurous inhabitant of Håle has to tussle with the local drunk falling asleep in their soup bowl or the Nature Cultists loan-stealing a few tools.

politics och trade

Something unique for Håle and that has tributed to the success of its uprise is the its distinct leadership and the competence that the Leaders of håle possesses. They state that they’ve managed to establish a social structure, granted based on a form of centralization, which resembles the social structure that applied before the wars, but focusing on a more moderate variant. A more stable variant. This ofcourse doesn’t sit well with some people. The Nature Cultists for instance has strong opinions of it being an organization so much like the ones prior to wartime, the predecessor being what started the Green Wars, and that history will repeat itself if radical changes aren’t made. The Nature Culstist in Håle has on multiple occasions proclaimed for the radical idea of democracy, which does not fall in with how the Leaders deem the area to be conducted, and a quiescent conflict surrounding this is constantly present.


When Håle was established the ideaa was for the area to function only as a juncture for travelers, but as time passes more and more people with different professional skills has ended up making their way there and setting up permanent recidences. The diversity of everything, from Vendors to Entertainers and Communicators, the area has to offer makes Håle more alive and dynamic. The past months, on the initiative of the Leaders, a project has been started, prospecting to put Håle on the map of production. Since the area is located on relatively unspoiled land, with access to what was previously arable soil surrounded by forest its been decided that a plantation of local crops is to be started. Farmed products like power-tatoes, ashpples and sting-cumber are very popular and also easy to grow, but also wild crops such as lark-lichen, stonesweets and bristel-bark are frequently used for cooking, medicines and export. The main part of the first harvest is estimated to be sold and traded with other areas, but many inhabitants of Håle carries the hope that these newly found riches will avail on them aswell, and by that estimate enable more jobs and fuller stomachs.


Besides barter and trading with ingame-ammunition (airsoft bullets) an ingame-currency based on empty cartridge shells will be utilized. In Håle a local system of currency has been created, functioning like chips in a casino, in other words it doesn’t function in other places other than Håle. A cartridge shell’s worth derive from it containing brass, and therefore has a symbolic worth of osrts, but this worth is naturally affected of what is being traded and in what situation. Your character start the game with a few airsoft bullets and shells to trade with. An approximate guideline of the cartridge shells worth is as follows:

1 big shell = 5 small shells
One cup coffe substitute - 1 small shell
A bowl of soup - 2 small shells
Two big potatoes - 1 small shell
One startingkit seeds - 1 big shell
One drug (single dose) - 2 big shells
One emergency amputation - 2 big shells
Armed protection, per hour - 2 big shells
Battery - 1 big shell
Single bullet (airsoft) - 1 small shell
Vehicle - infinite amount of big shells


Like with most professional traits, technological know-how was vigorously fragmented with most people, even before the Green Wars. Common technological occupational titles were for example ‘radio engineer’, ‘domestic appliances engineer’ or ‘asphalt technologist’. This fragmentation of professionalism has meant that the people of today don’t really understand how technological systems work as a whole, which means that its a great challenge to establish functioning communivation between different places. Within Håle a system has recently been set up by the name of Rhino that grants the possibility of communication with other places, first and foremost to establish and stabilize a trade but also to strengthen security.

Function of technology in-game:

The system will be avaukabke on a phone or computer with access to the internet. As a player you can feel free to use both kind of units, but keep in mind that functioning computors are extremly rare, and probably need a specific competence (for example that your character has a specific history/knowledge abou this, or a specific profession). Computers to use this system will be available at the LARP. So what can players use this system for? At Knutpunkt Håle 2019 the system will have two functions:

1. Communication
Håle’s inhabitants appreciates to finally being able to keep contact with their friends and family in other parts of the country. Nothing will brighten a cloudy day like a message from your only living kin, childhoos friend or old flame. Rhino enables communication between players and other societies.

2. Map and Defence
The latest function of Rhino is the map. This plays an important part for Håle’s defence, and it is directly connected to the sensors placed around in the terrain by the Guard. When these perimeters are broken through, the system warns and this way it contributes to secure the area from external threats. The map is also used by venturers of ‘The Fields’, since the system sometimes contains important information regardning contaminated areas. On top of that, the Leaders of Håle has - as of late - started to send out expeditions to places of specific interests. To ensure the efficiency of these expeditions through ‘the Fields’ routs and information is communicated through the map.

Ingame the system is called Rhino, off-game it’s called Rolehaven and is built by Carmilla Mina Jankovic. The work related to Rolehaven is sustained by you, so feel free to visit and donate, or visit the project’s FB-page at This is how the system worked at Blodsband Reloaded:


Vehicles are rare in the world as it presents itself after the Green Wars, but they do appear once in a blue moon, but sadly not as a mean of power. The one who owns or has access to a vehicle is usually higher ups, that or said higher-ups make sure to tie the vehicles to themselves in one way or another. There’s a lot of rumors of a gang traveling from place to place to plunder and destroy, and that they often appear by several bigger vehicles. Håle has not yet been victimized from such an encounter, but one can never be catious enough!

gk-old (49).jpg

We encourage people with access to vehicles with suitable aesthetics, to bring these to the LARP. The area is carriageble for most kinds of vehicles (ok maybe not boats). All vehicles with an engine needs to be approved in inspection and have a valid motor insurance. The one who wants to bring a vehicle, talk to the organizers for approval of this.