Knutpunkt Håle 2019

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Berget, Härnösand, Ångermanland, Sweden

22-25 august 2019
10.00 thursday - Walkthrough/briefing
12.00 thursday - Start
23.00 saturday - End


350 sek - participation fee
50 sek - Membership in Midälvariket (oblicatory fee, is only paid one time/year)
200 sek - Food (Breakfast + hot dinner). This is voluntary and is chosen when signing up.

A participant who want to come to the LARP, is not a member of Midälvariket pays a total of 400 sek.
A participant who wants to come to the LARP, already is a member of Midälvariket pays a total of 350 sek.
A participant who wants to come to the LARP, already is a member of Midälvariket and also wants food pays a total of 550 sek.

For the wealthy who wants to support less wealthy participants can a participation fee of 550 sek be payed. For the newbie and the one with scarce economy there is a possibility of applying for a reduced price, this is done while signing up.


Lately more and more individuals have found their way to the area, and the leaders of Håle understand that there’s a rumor along the coast that somewhere in the vicinity of there is an ancient artefact that could lead the way to “a stronghold of knowledge”. Exactly what this means is yet unknown, but the artefact is believed to be of great technological value. The one who gets their hands on this artefact would probably be able to secure the future for themselves and their descendants, and guarantee a place among the richest and most influential people in this world (even if in this world that might only ensure a warm bed and two hot meals à day). Maybe you’ve come to Håle to see if you can take this artefact for yourself. Maybe you’ve come here only to trade , maybe this is where you’ll find peace in an otherwise hard and lonely existence. Håle does after all have the reputation to be one of the first organised and consisting societies where a production of local crops are starting to flourish, something that strengthens the position of Håle as a juncture and also makes outside organisations seek cooperation with it.

Practical info

It’s possible to sleep either in-game or off-game. We hope to see both military tents, personal tents and windbreak-variants. The only requirement on accomodation we have, is that it fits in with the aesthetics. For example you can buy a sheep tarpaulin that is then patinated and thrown over the brand new tent.


Since Håle is a gatheringplace where a whole lot of people come completley empty handed in the hopes of starting their lives anew, but is also a place for passing travelers, the idea is that there will be in-game-opportunities to sleep alongside others, for the ones who wants or need this. These sleeping-spots are to be prebooked and stated when signing up.


At the off-area there will be a military tent, and this will funcion as a sanctuary for the ones who need a break, who needs to contact an organizer or that has been hurt. Here there’s also a few camp beds where one can lie down and rest for a while, and to this tent players can move their belongings and themself permanently after consulating the organizers if the need should arise. These sanctuary spots can not be booked ahead of time. It’s voluntary to sleep in or of, and there’s no aesthetic requirements on the accomodations in the off-area.

There will be some possibility to have a camp outside Håle itself, but this is something that shall be in consulation with the organizers in advance. If you have a cool idea or thoughts about this, feel free to mail it to us. For bigger groups and occupation-groups there’s a possibility to live in some of the buildings in the area. If this interests you, tell us in you sign-up.

So what does one eat at a postap-larp? How do you even handle bringing food without breaking the illusion with modern packaging and in the apocolyptic factory design? There are several ways t owork around this. Either you can both cook and eat your food off-game, or you can cook and your food off-game, then place it on a fitting plate/bowl and eat in-game. Both of these options are very easy and need very little preperation since you don’t have to care about packaging and cooking tools being aesthetically customized and can be made very fast by always having hot water in a thermos that’s quickly poured into a bag of freeze-dried food. Another alternative is to collab in a small group to cook and eat together in-game. There will also be food and tickets where hot breakfast and simple dinner is included. This is chosen in the sign up.

For the one who feels up for the task to customize their food to fit in in-game there are some simple tricks: remove the label from a few tincans and paint them so they appear dirty or rusty, put food that doesn’t go bad into glass jars (like sausage, crispy bread, dried fruits or nuts) or wrap bread in fabric. Your imagination sets the limit!