Larp - How does it work?

Larping is a type of improvised theatre, but without the audience. The player creates a character, and joins the game by portraying that character in the LARP-world, and to affect the narration together with their co-larpers. The Green Wars Aftermath utilize a typical northern LARP style, which is a collective name for a certain game design within larping. It often differs greatly from the game design that LARPS in other part of the world use. Below you can find a few exampels of these differences:


Expressive involvement. It’s supposed to feel like the player is really there. This means a great focus is placed on creating a setting and a climate of the game that creates a convincing illusion of physically being at the place in question. For many this is made simpler by creating a character that they get to know properly before the start of the LARP itself. This so that the player in-game knows exactly how the character would react in different situations. A proper example of expressive involvement is you dreaming as your character, followed by waking up with a confused feeling of who you are in real life.

Cooperation. The whole game is about creating an exciting and touching narrative with others, and not to be the strongest and ‘to win the LARP’. Our LARP is not one you can win, and we are of the opinion that nothing creates better stories or scenes than players letting their characters fail once in a while, or loosing that in-game clue so that more players get the oppertunity to participate because of it.

Artistic vision. Many nordic LARPs are made for more than entertainment. Often they have artistic or political agendas. The purpose of this is to raise some thoughts about the subject within the players. We have chosen to create The Green Wars Aftermath on a (thus far) fictitous future scenario that builds on the greed of man towards one another, and the exploiting of Earth’s resources. Our main goal with this LARP campaign is to spend some time in a cool post-apocolyptic setting and create a rendezvous point for Larpers of Northern Sweden. The subject that we create this LARP around is something we concider important, and this is why there’s a lot to read about this under the section /History.

How do I get started?

To get started you begin by reading about the type of LARP you plan to participate in. You make yourself acquainted with the world, how the game works, and start to think about what kind of character feels interesting for you to play. When the LARP opens for Signing up/Registration you send in your character to be approved by the organizers. You can read more
about how to build a character at Att skapa en karaktär.

When you’ve descided what sort of character you want to play it’s time to think about how this person looks. How fun and easy or hard it feels to create an outfit is individual. A lot of people feel like post-ap LARPs are easy to create outfits for, since it’s basically clothes or shoes that do not look new or fresh. It’s simply important not to fribble with the patination (making clothes and equipment look worn out). Show that you’ve fought for your survival in a harsh world these past years. Read more about planning your outfit and how to easily make it more post-ap at Estetik.

Also clothes and trinkets that will be used in-game are conditioned to fit into the post apocalyptic setting. This means that bags, tents, utilities for food and drinks should look like they’ve barely survived seven hard years. Read more under Estetik.

Since Green Wars Aftermath is a LARP that features both airsoft and foam weapons, it’s important that one is keen about their co-players. Noone is to feel forced to participate in affairs that include fighting or conflict, and if you as a player feel like something does not feel allright, this is signaled directly to your co-players, more on this under Regler.