About us organizers

Angelica Mia Nylander

Newly examinated sociologist with a taste for rust, misery, postmodernism and post apocalypse. My LARP-journey started five years ago as a participant in the campagin Utpost 103 AC in Skellefteå, and I’ve sence then taken part in mostly postapocalyptiv LARPs and horrorLARPs. I am the one who was written the LARP-world and it’s history. I will also work with the intrigues for participants who wants help with this. My inspiration for this LARP comes from Fallout, S.t.a.l.k.e.r., Mutant UA, various social- psycological theories and perspectives and finally our geopolitical contemporary now.

Hanna Christoffersson

I work as upper secondary school teacher in Umeå, but I originally come from the dark forests of Piteå. I’ve been LARPing since 2015 where I tried both LARPing and post-ap for the first time. I immediatly got a taste for it, especially the aesthetics. When I go to a LARP I’m mostly interested in relation gameplay, and I have a tendency to play characters that are true turncoats. I am head of budget and economy.