For the sake of all of us having a good LARP and to make us feel safe and comfortable together, mutual rules are required. These shall always be followed, and its a requirement to take part of this LARP. If you during the LARP feel like the rules aren’t followed you’ll contact the organizers.


At this LARP we have a minimum age of 18 years old.


2 HP is standard and what all characters will have as a base. One HP is one hit, regardles if its a bullet or a stab with a knife. The one who gets a hold of functioning Titan has 2 extra HP. Armor gives 1 extra HP, and who has armos is judged by the organizers based on material, looks and coverage. When unsure a picture or idea around armor can be mailed to the organizers before the LARP for feedback. When you have 0 HP you’re out of play and either go unconcious, or at least lying waiting for help from a Healer. If you’re alone in battle with types that leave you to die at the spot you can drag yourself to the closest settlement and await a Healer. Take the opportunity to whine and complain over THE PAIN. Act on your injuries.

Latex Larp Weapons /“Boffer”
All boffer weapons will be controlled by the organizers when you check in. Avoid hits against head, groin and chest. No weapons that involves real physical contact are allowed, e.g. knuckle-dusters. It’s only allowed to stab/thrust with weopons without a skeleton. As mentioned above we use a HP-system for combat, but exceptions can be made if participants have agreed on having a boffer-fight, then you decide amongst yourselves how you take damage, but go for making it realistic, act on your injuries.

At gamestart your weapon will go through crhonograph, where we depending on the output speed judge your safety distance from other players. We follow VSAF:s list of trimm:

If your character comes to close to the enemy you shoot into the ground and say ‘bang’. Only during the LARP and only on the game-area are bullets allowed to be fired. This is also the only circumstances when you’re allowed to have a magazine in the gun. In the post apocalypce bullets are scarce, which is why these will be handed out to players when you check in. It is absolutely forbidden to bring your own bullets, partly because there isn’t a free amount of bullets in the LARP-world, but also because we measure the output speed with a certain bullet-weight, and if you bring your own bullets than weigh more or less than ours, this will affect your safety distance. This is in other words a metter of safety, and none of us wants to return home without teeth or with big bruises. It’ll be fully possible to obtain more bullets in-game. Tip: Leave your high cap-magazines at home. You won’t get enough bullets for these to be functioning in-game.

Special airsoftguns (sniper, grenade-ad-ons, mines) requires a special application. Send a mail to us about this if you feel this is a must for your character. Organizers and chronographer has a right to deny airsoftguns if this is judged to be necessary.

Peace hours is between 23-06, this means that we avoid shooting and making too much of a racket where people are asleep. The game is ongoing around the clock, which means that safetygoggles/glasses customized for airsoft shall always be worn except for when you’re asleep.
Just going to take a leak? - stilll glasses on!
Peace hours? - still glasses on!

Or non-LARPers as we also call them. We will be far from settlements but shall someone who is not there to LARP turn up it’s everyones responsibility to inform them that a LARP with airsoft-elements is taking place, and that they might get hit by bullets if they stay/keep themselves in proximity to the area. Don’t shoot or boffer at them. Take a few minutes with them and explain what we’re up to. This reduces the risk that they stay and watch longer, and it also shows what a pleasant lot of people we are.

Lights & Pyro
To bring your own smoke grenades, bengal fireworks and stroboscope is something that is to be approved by the organizers, and shall be examined before gamestart.

increasing conflicts

Gameplay around conflict can be really fun, and can enrich the experience since the player is often forced to get to know their character on a deeper lever. Even if we 5 years after The Green Wars find ourselves in a relativly harsh world, where death and suffering are common occurencies, the inhabitants of Håle do not prefer to solve their conflicts with violence as a first hand solution. Many of those who make their way to Håle whith a hope of starting a new life, or atleast some kind of sactuary, and this is clearly noticeably by how the conflicts that occur betweeen the people in Håle rarely end in physical violence. Even with the passing travelers it’s an appreciated fact that the people of Håle do not first and foremost take to violence against one another, but instead fins other ways to solve vonflicts. Often one come a longer way through bribes, threats, vile looks and extortion. We want to encourage you who choose conflict gameplay to trigger these relations successively, rather than going from 0 to 100 and then solve it all with a shot to the knee or something like that. On the other hand such a reaction might be reasonable for some characters, but such a person is probably viewed as quite unstable, and even as a threat towards the order. The Leaders of Håle has put way too much time and resources on building this juncture to let it be razed by one crazy person with a trigger-happy finger. At least if it takes place within the borders of Håle. Or well, at least of somebody sees it happening. What happens in ‘The Fields’ often stays there.

in or off?

To seperate what belongs to the game and not can sometimes be hard, and this is why it’s important that all participants keep a keen ear and eye towards eachother. To make this communication clear there are som rules that are to be read and memorized:

- If you see a person passing by or keeping in the area, but who keeps a fist in to their forehead and at the same time avoids what’s going on in the game, this means that this person is not there. Can’t be seen, does not exist. This could be a person that needs to go off-game and it leaving the area, an SLP on their way back from a task or a person who simply doesn’t want to partake in the game that is going on where they happened to be.

- If you feel like something is going wrong, or if you’re uncomfortable with the situation in or off, you can discretely say off to one or several people to communicate what isn’t working, for example “off, the roap is too tight”. If you hear someone say off in this manor you have an obligatoin to stop and listen, we want everyone to feel good and comfortable partaking in the game.

- The first two points are important for the sake of all players to feel safe, and not ending up in the middle of gameplay they don’t want to partake in. This does however not mean that the fist to the forehead or the vocal signal “off” is to be used as a function ingame. An example of a wrong way to use them is in combat, with someone not taking the hit - then you don not yell “off, take hit!”, or if you go out in ‘the Fields’ to triuphantly find the treasure on your own, but on your way you meet a hostile gang - then you don’t put your hand to your forehead and sneak by. The reasons to that this kind of off-playing is not ok is 1) it disrupts other players illusion that someone yells “off, take hit”. Sure, its irritating that your opponent acts like they’re made of steel and have a questionable sense of LARPing, but often that’s not about the person not feeling the bullets hit, or that the person is new to LARPing and have a hard time to remember the HP-system and things like that. If you experiance problems with certain paople power-gaming och for example won’t take a hit you can talk with us organizers during the LARP. 2) To go off for reasons that involves game-techniques is often connected to a way of thinking that one wants to “win the LARP”, and that’s not what we want to act on. We rather see that the players invite to share their secrets, act on injuries etc etc. The one who plays to be the best rarely have or inspire the most fun time on a LARP.

- On certain boxes or bags in forest and town settlement there will be a so called off-rune (picture on the way), and this rune means that what is inside is not to be seen or touched. It could be a storageplace for medical products, breakfast/dinner for the Tavern and things like that.

- To kidnap eachother is totally fine, but be observant for if the kidnap-ee doesn’t seem keen or says off. To check with the one you’re inches from dragging away by descretley asking “off, is it ok to kidnap you and drag you into the woods for two hours?” is an easy way to show consideration for your co-player, and there doesn’t have to result in any misunderstandings. Kidnappings and similar gameplay can with advantage be checked with the person in question prior to the scene if possible. It’s importand to never bind somone up and leave them alone, there has to always be one person except for the captive left on the place where they are held. It’s also not ok to deny prisoners water.

Fire & cooking

Several fireplaces will be placed on te gamearea of Knutpunkt Håle, there participants can cook food and heat water. For the ones who’ll be living outside of Håle, wanting to make their own fireplaces, approval from the organizers is required before the fireplace can be used. By some fireplaces water and bunched together twigs shall always be available. More info about how a safe fireplace is conducted will be sent out to groups that are concerned by this. I tents that are heated through fire, a fireguard and fireguard schedule shall always be predetermined.

There will be a possibility while signing up to buy a food coupon that is used in-game. This coupon will give the character a possibility to go to the Tavern to fetch hot breakfast and simpler dinner, consisting of for example soup, bread and fruit.


In a world that has been plagued for a long time by scarce resources and survival, steeling isn’t unusual. Each player are promted to have a “lootpocket/pouch” for this purpose, which functions in the way that when your character is put out of play, you discretly put our hand over the pocket or bag that contains loot, and this may then be looted from friend, foe, or whoever’s up for it. To be clear, only the contents of the lootpocket is up for grabs. The character who’s gone down and been plundered can act on being concious of this as long as they’re not too wounded, and is then aware of who took their belongings. If the person who plunders don’t wish to be remembered and create gameplay around revenge and vendetta, they can simply knock out the already wounded victim. To do this you mark with a boffer-weapon or a fist against the victims shoulder and say “knock”. The victim is unconcious for a while. Examples on things that lives in the lootpocket are bullets, cartridge shells (ingame currency), candy, maps, letters, photographs, drugs and momentums from the world before the catastrophe. You don’t have to put all your resources in your lootpocket at once, but there’s always supposed to be something fun to find in there.

To steal someone elses airsoftgun or boffer-weapon is not allowed, neither is things that are kept in peoples tents. This ofcourse means that it’s not ok to keep ingame-material hidden inside the tents. Remember, the most fun secrets are the ones you accidentally share with other players. Bags and boxes with ingame-material with be marked with a white band, in other words these are ok to examine and in some cases loot.


Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcohol of different strengths occur on the daily in Håle. Players bring drinks themselves that are meant to be in-game booze. This can be anything from glögg or non-alcoholic wine, to a ginger-concuction or some cola in a pocket flask. If you in-game act on being drunk and notice that someone seems uncomfortable with this off-game, be attentive and control that they’re ok. In the same way it’s totally fine if you feel uncomfortable by this to either say so or leave the scene without in-game concequenses, regardless of what situation your character is currently in. Being observant to other players and the right to leave a scene does ofcourse affect any situation that feels uncomfortable.

Real alcoholic beverage sronger than 2,5 % is not allowed during the LARP, it is however allowed after we end the LARP during the night from saturday to sunday.

Recepies on delightful drinks to prepare and bring to the larp is coming soon.

Smoking is allowed, but how many cigarettes are really produced 5 years after the apocalypse? Pipes and self-rolled cigarettes are preferred, but think about that everyone don’t wish to be passive smokers. So be observant for if someone in your surrounding find it uncomfortable.

Drugs and poisons

The two POISONS that will be present in-game are:

1) Paralysia - gives an immediate paralyzing effect on body and vocal cords, which results in the user becoming completley out of play, and can’t communicate for 20 minutes. Is to be collected from the organizers

2) Paralysia Mortem- gives an immediate paralyzin g effect on body, vocal cords and respiratory organs, which results in the user dying permanently within a minute. This product exists in-game but mainly for the atmosphere, and may only accordingly to the rules of death (see below) be used accordingly to an agreement with the character who is poisoned. Is to be collected from the organizers.

The DRUGS that will be present in-game are:

1) Titan - Used by many before or during battle. Expected effect: increases physical ability and performance. Can in some cases make the person be able to take more damage than they otherwise would.

2) Hugsnugs - An adaptogenic that many use to change their mood. Expected effect: regulating the bodies happy-and-angry-substances in a way so the user becomes more balanced. But how this turns out can completely depend on the mood prior to usage.

Drugs with a certain purpose don’t always have the sought after effect, and in-game each dose comes with a specific instruction on how you’re affected by the drug this time around.

Poisons and drugs is not something that all characters have an equally easy time to come by. Because of this, but also to ease gameplay around these products, these will be handed out by organizers at the start of th LARP to characters with fitting professions or social status. If your character don’t have a natural reasons to have this drug or poison, but you still want gameplay around this, you can let us know while signing in. Then we’ll look over the possibilites to create gameplay around it.

As you probably realize, real drugs and posion is not allowed during the LARP or in association to the event (the exception is alcohol after the LARP ends, and coffee).



Your character can die, but this will only happen if you want this yourself. When a character is shot at, poisoned or stabbed, this puts the character out of fighting condition, and these types of injuries require medical help. Act on your injuries. If you want to die early during the larp and re-enter as a new character, this is to be approved by the organizers. If you want to die to get away from the group you’re playing with, this is to be brought up with the organizers so we know what’s going on, to re-enter as a new character after this does not need to be a previously approved one.