The world today

5 years after the Green Wars coming to an end, humanity is a fraction of it’s former self. The humans who did not go under ground in huge bunkers provided by the government during the years of conflict, survived through cooperating or simply taking what they needed from others. Survival was all that mattered, and this created a certain mentality and nobody was willing to be trampled on. To survive in this new world some used their charisma, while others used raw strength or cunningness. Survival of the fittest applied in most places, but pretty soon after the war ebbed out, humans once again started to form societies. It would prove hard to build stable social structures, since this knowledge was lost far prior, to history. Since the pre-apocalyptic society was so centralized in it’s structure it turned out to be hard for people to know which part of society’s founding rocks to use to create a stable and safe base. This often resulted in the young societies building themselves up often destroying those same structures from the inside.


Voluntary migration between countries, refugees, borders being redrawn between nation states, cultural import of objects and customs, increased outward internationalization. This and the digital data transmission - constantly being developed - was a few of the overall processes that contributed to a change of the social structure over time. This new global structure is best described as a cultural melting pot, where language, ethnicities and religious beliefs where as multifaceted and frequently occuring within the same region as the number of radioactive microbes in a nuclear zone. Previously in history these factors were crucial for how classes and hierarchies were created in society. This was especially considered crucial to society’s degree of secularization, which was often low. It wasn’t by any means rare that citizens could speak and understand several languages, and that religions where mixed while new ones were created from seeds of their predecessors, used as it was seen fitting, but always exclusively by the individual and never the government. This cultural melting pot contributed to a great deal of good, like conflicts based on sex, class, religion and ethnicity no longer taking place, but this came to a price. This social progression also contributed to a sense of alienation and uprooting within many and it was hard for people to find a common denominator and therefore to form a cummunity.

Even though humanity was demolished after The Green Wars and no bigger societies has had a chance to form anew, this cultural melting pot still seems to be a natural part of how humans treat one another and in turn view their social situation. This means that especially language is being passed on and developed naturally, and also in such a remote place as Håle people stilll frequently change inbetween languages, even if it’s mainly Swedish and English prevailing in this particular place.