Government agencies

Development of national defence

Year 2150, the military has completley changed their organization, and consists of mainly three phalanges;
- Incomp 36 (land based)
- FlyStat (air force)
- MarOb Lt (marines).

InComp 36

Already before the collapse the military budged had been heavily reduced to favour other parts of society, because of this it was not unusual for these soldiers to independently getting och completing their gear. Because of this soldiers can vary in appearence and use different types of weaponsystems, but this has also shown to be a strenght within the organization since they’re very unpredictable, and also hard to recognize since they don’t dress as a unit. They partly work for the old government with the goal to rebuild society and securing peoples everyday lives, which also is the reason to being stationized in Håle which is considered an important part of the rebuilding of the region and its stability.


Because of the concequenses following the uranium crisis, FlyStat broke out of the collaboration with the government and started their own coarse of action. Groups within this phalange has their bases below the earth’s surface, and they’re very descrete when carrying out missions and move above ground. Members of FlyStat is viewed by the others as deserters and a threat, since the work for other interests than the other two phalanges. That they remain in control of the aerial space is seen as a risk factor and creates great difficulties for InComp 36 and MarOb Lt. FlyStat is often seen as war criminals since they solve their missions without a though of ethics and moral. Capital and results are their priorities, and if this means to suffer the lives of people, it won’t keep them up at night.

MarOb Lt.

Most members of MarOb Lt. are born into the group. They have their bases on big rigs out in the waters, where they live cut off from land, completely self-sufficient of food and energy. On some occation when they’re in need of wares they’re unable to produce themselves or get from the sea they trade wares from waterborne vendors, but it’s not unusual for scholars, croppers, mechanics or other kinds of professionals to live on the rigs as a part of MarOb Lt. Five years after the Green Wars this phalange partly work for the old government, and run patrols of the borders at sea, as well as retrieving information and monitoring.