Technological development year 2010-2204

2010 - the world’s first cyborg is created
2017 - human DNA is mapped out
2023 - North Korea tries nuclear weapons for the first time
2029 - scientists succeed to extract pictures directly from the brain
2034 - world’s first transplant of synthetic organs
2038 - human stamcells in embryos are created through cloning
2046 - laser weapons are used in the navy
2051 - textcommunication directly from the mind, drones are used for coverage
2063 - nanotechnology is mainstream
2069 - all glaciers have melt which increases the sealevels with 10 meters - electronical dams to prevent low altitute contries are built
2077 - 3D-printed clothes
2082 - biochemical attack against London with thousands dead
2090 - Electronic robotical prostetics replaces lost limbs
2103 - genetically modified pineapple
2114 - huge parts of Bankok is deserted because of floods
2125 - designer babies for the rich
2138 - driverless hover taxis in Dubai
2144 - equality between the sexes
2159 - all stable societys are sustained mainly by nuclear power
2162 - increasing conflicts with biochemical warfare and directed misinfomational campaigns
2168 - divide organization of skills - specific skills like “valve-mechanic” rather than the unspecific and broad “mechanic” is being put to use
2172 - allienation within the population that led to massive over consumption
2174 - trashmountains become unmanageble, spills out into oceans and fresh water
2185 - most of the ocean floor is dead, the seas are depleted
2192 - governments around the world enact “leave-in-time” which is an agreement that the every man can make. This deal gives the individual hard work seven days à week for a food ration corresponding to 1500 kcal in energy, this if the individual agrees to a contract to be “forced from society” if/when this person becomes unable to do the work agreed upon, regardless of reason.
2199 - the global conflicts escalates, small and midrange atom bombs are fired towards different nations
2204 - The final force measurement knocks out all electronical systems and devices, which leaves the world and it’s few survivors in total darkness.

Technology after the green wars

The systems that has now been established after the catastrophe are very primitive since a lot of the old systems and their knowledge was lost during the wars. Only the electronical devices that were protected in for example: grounded Faradays cages made it through, which means that it’s now rare that normal people own funcional electronics. This means that all electronics except Rhino-devices, that seem to be immune to external influence. For those who goes out into the Fields with electronical devices and encounter areas with gammaradiation it is possible that this - even years after the last bomb - affects the equipment via induction effects. The equipment should then be dropped off for reparation and service with a scholar who’s knowledgable with electronics to regain it’s function.


To the surprise of many it still seem to exist some funcioning satellites that are in orbit around Earth. How these has avoided to fall victim to space weather and human impact is unclear, but it is with help from these that one can now begin to establish a primitive navigation- and communicationsystem by the name Rhino. This system is owned and controlled by InComp36, which is also the organization that tries to gain control and influence over different junctions to secure stability and success for the rebuilding of a new civilization. If more organizations has access to the satellites is unclear, but indications of such activities has been spotted the last few months.


In-game the electronical system is called Rhino, and has one function for text communication, and one for navigation. All players with a “Rhino-device” can use it, and off-game this means a computor and/or a smartphone with internet connection. In Rhino communication is held within and between different groups, rumors are spread and points of interest in the Fields, but also communication with areas outside of Håle and sometimes with other organizations outside the area.

Off-game the system is called Rolehaven and is created and maintained by Carmilla Mina Jankovic. The system is the same that was used on the postapocalyptic larp Blodsband Reloaded.


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