Everyone’s equal value

In the campaign Green Wars Aftermath we work for equality. Anyone can choose any profession, attribute and characteristics, preferebly within the spectrum of the LARP. There is no social hierarchy inbetween sexes or ethnicities in-game, which is also reflected in how we’ve built the history around the society that developed before the catastrophe. Read more about this postmodern and multicultural society under “History”.

To act on slavery is ok, but not slavery that includes prostitution and/or sexual services of any kind. Even if everyone involved seems to be allright with it or even says they’re allright with it does not make it allright in this campaign, it’s simply zero tolerance for this type of gameplay. This is partly because of the difficulty around managing these type of scenes/gameplay, but also to have full insight into this as an organizer, to the degree as of making sure that all involved individuals are feeling ok. So partly this zero tolerance is a way to create a safe LARP-enviroment for everyone. Another reason to this zero tolerance is that it within the postap-genre as a popular culture there is a strong connection to sexual exploitation of the body as economic means. Since the postap-genre doesn’t emerge from a vakuum but is a part of our contemporary now this means that different groups are differently exposed as to how the exploitation of the body as an economic mean is portrayed, and therefore we’ve chosen to dissociate from contributing to this part of the genre.


Conflicts and insults

Discrimination is never allright, neither in-game or off-game. Because of this we skip using sneers and insults that alludes to sex, ethnicities, sexuality and appearence. Neither is it ok to allude in gender-stereotypical conceptions by saying things like “fight like a girl”, “cry like a girl” or “take it like a man”.

Are you provoked and wonder if you can say anything at all? Then take a minute and think about why so many of todays insults are formed the way they are. If you’re still feeling provoked, contact ut and we’ll explain on a deeper level.

But honestly, what is an ok way to insult someone in-game? To allude to events, professions or in-attributes is totally fine and often game-creating. It can create an exciting development of relationships by e.g. teasing the poor clumsy mechanic who can’t do a thing right because this person is totally lost when it comes to doing their job. Does this make the mechanic cranky, angry, sad? Do you start brawling? Does the mechanic agree and lose faith, which makes you feel ashamed? The funniest insults aren’t the ones you throw over your shoulder as you leave, but the ones that create an interaction.

The ones who offends our Value System might be dismissed from the game-area and not being allowed to participate in any more LARPs in this campaign.