Occupations in håle

In Håle (almost) everyone fills a function. Therefore you’ll have the oppoptunity to choose a professoin that you develop in your own way. How much or how little you choose to act on your occupation is up to you, but this also depends partly of what you choose. Some professions demand a greater involvement from you as a player, for example if you want to be part of the Guard or the Leaders of politicians of Håle, while other jobs are more flexible, like Vendors or Scholars. More info below each occupation below.

Each player will at registration be obligated to admit a first and secaond hand choice of profession, so please look at more than one option from the start. Observe that you also have an opportunity to not choose a specific profession, but contribute your own idea for your character or your group, but this does have to be approved by the organizors. Closer to the LARP groups for the different professions will be created for the ones who wish to discuss their characters and any eventual relations to others within the same profession. To belong to a profession adds to the social game, and it can facilitate a great deal for new LARPers. Professions you can choose from is as follows:



Many are the ones who see their future in trading wares. Even if its hard to admit for most, the limited supply of merchandise efter the catastrophe is something that has caused people to feel a greater appreciation for even simpler products, and to be a vendor is an important and appreciated profession. Depending on time and place even the simplest turnip can be seen as a luxury item, and a lot of the time the supply varies and therefore so does it’s value. The few rich people who exist are often Vendors, but the question is if they really came upon their wealth lawfully or if there’s more doutful methods behind some of these accumulated riches. Vendors often have good connection with other professions, and therefore it can be a good idea to seek out and get along with them if you’re looking for information.

This is an occupation that gives the player free rein of how much or little they would like to act on their profession. If you choose to play Vendor you choose what you’re selling or buying. An example of wares to specialize in is books, fornskrot (‘ancient scrap’ pre wartime artefacts of all sorts), technological knick-knacks. toys, jewelry, you can run a portable noodle-stand, selling weapons from the inside of your jacket or making tatoos, imagination sets the limits. If you wish to sell real wares in-game this has to be approved by the organizers. To play Vendor suits you if you like social play, but still want to have the opportunity to take part in more action filled events, not to mention being able to join friends or collegues out into the wilderness on various missions or to refill your stock. If you dare. 



The poor Scholar’s work sometimes feels neverending, especially given how much knowledge that was lost when the greater part of the old world was extinguished. Many Scholars would go so far as to say that the root of the problem begun all the way back with the industrial revolution back in the 18th century when a centralization of knowledge and skills was instigated, that a few hundred years later resulted in earlier professional titles. For example the title ‘mechanic’ no longer meant that this person could mend a broken car, nowadays the work was devided in designations like ‘break-mechanic’ or ‘dachboard technician’, which applied to the specific competence the worker possessed. Many of the Scholars today considers this social development to be a contributing factor to many of the problems and conflict that humanity faced and brought to the catastrophe. Therefore one of the coarsest insults you can hear mouthed from a Scholer is something specific to a profession like “lobby-carpenter” or “pinky-toe-doctor”. Still, there are rumors of some people from the inner regions of Västerbotten that has managed to keep their wide knowledge within some professions through the years. Even though no Scholar yet has met n “general electrician” that could assemble a bit of anything from just a few electronic spare parts, the share thought of it tickles the life out of the Scholar! Imagine this competence still existing!

This is an occupation that gives the player free rein of how much or little they would like to act on their profession, but the player who choose to be a Scholar should with preference be a general Scholar or more specific and aim for a special interest of knowledge. To play a Scholar suits the player who enjoys social gamepley. As a Scholar you have endless possibilites to complain of the inadequate invenstment going into management and preservatoin of important knowledge. In an ideal world everyone would understand the importance of investing in your line of work. There is also one or two adventurous Scholar, who more or less willingly go out into the dangerous ‘Fields’ to learn more about this world.

The Guard


Håle is not the first society to take form since the end of The Green Wars 5 years ago. Sadly there are a lot of people who aren’t particularly interested in rebuilding society, but rather live fully after the notion of “survival of the fittest”. Therefore a lot of young societies have gotten raided and destroyed by groups who are less inclined to share, and who come in to take what they can. The Leaders of Håle are not naive, and therefore they decided a few months ago that the area needs to be protected. They then started a cooperation with an external organisation who provides more or less permanent force of weaponry. The function of The Guard is everything between keeping watch out for warningsigns in the surrounding forests and fields, to being prepared to defend society with their lives if needed. On top of that it seems as of late that an increasing amount of zone-runners and mutated animals are sculcing around the area, even if these creatures aren’t expected to attack societies they are troublesome to no end since they often seem to attack the poor wretches who dare go out in the field, not to mention that they spread diseases and sometimes they’ve been known to plunder storages in Håle.


This profession mainly suits the one who wish to be active within the airsoft part of the LARP, which means that you preferably have your own airsoftgun (exceptions may be made, where you’ll get to borrow a gun, so don’t be discouraged to join this group even if you don’t have one). To play a part of The Guard suits you if you want to be a part of a well welded group, to go on missions, be a part of a professional hierarchy and to act on action-gameplay. The group holds an important defensive role for society and is expected to do their duty, even if your character doesn’t enjoy this one bit and complains loud and wide about how boring it is with e.g. guard duty

To play a part of The Guard suits the player who wants a lot of action, wants to be a part of a tight group in-game, and also suits you who need/don’t mind acting on other players plots and helping them further the narrative. To make the group suitable for all types of players so they can feel safe, a whole lot of the higher positions within this group will be played by SLP/elected people by confidence of the game-masters.

Inspirational pictures for The Guard:



A smuggler puts their time and effore, hold on to your seats, to smuggling. A player who choose to play a smuggler generally belong to another profession, as a cover. But they can also just be passing through. Except for the profession/cover that the player choose to built into their role, the one who plays smuggler will have an intrigue to keep to/act upon.

To play a smuggler suits you who like social gameplay, who is good at sneaking out others secrets, spreading rumors, set people up against one another and enjoying how your involvemnet affects the game, without you necessarily having to be the one who’s noticed the most in-game. If you choose to play smuggler it’s important not to fribble with the writing of your character concerning your occupational cover. The type of shenanigans you spend your time on can either come from your own ideas and send it in as a poposition (must be approved the organizers), and if you want a role in an already written plot or a bigger intrigue you write this when you register.


The entertainment comittee

In a world plagued by lost, sorrow and survival, few things are as important as being able to snuggle up and enjoy yourself once in a while. Coziness is the Entertainment Comittee’s key concept, and the Leaders of Håle has been working hard to find the people with right “entertaining competence”. Granted that what people experience as entertaining differs between individuals, hence that the phrase ‘What some people like makes their friends flee on a bike’ still lives on. To be a part of the Entertainment Comitteeis something to be proud of. Weither it’s by brightening the day with music, dancing or a forced portraiture. Those who are included in the Entertaining Comittee has a close cooperation with both the Tavern and the Game Den since a lot of Håles inhabitants spend their free time there.

This is a general name for professions that in general contributes to the well-being in Håle. If you want to play a part of the Entertainment Comittee you can choose your employment rather freely, but some suggestoins are e.g: musician, town fool, artist, comedian, decorator, photographer or joker. To be a part of the Entertainment Comittee suits a player who enjoys social gameplay and ‘myslajva’ or Cozy-LARPing. A great deal of your focous would be placed on living the happy life. Even if the members of the Entertainment Comittee seems to have different orientations its a well welded group that often come together to discuss the cultural life and its development. Not to mention this weeks festive antics.



Tavern Hesters hak


In Håle a small tavern has been set up. Its as well liked by the more permanent residents as it is by passing travelers. At ‘Hesters Hak’ both drinks and nourishment are served for the one who can pay or can put the work in, and its a merry place to spend the otherwise lonely evenings in. This is a meetingplace for off duty Guards as well as Vendors longing for some company, and it’s not rare to tie important connections and seal crucial deals over a cup of substitution coffee (or stronger wares if you prefer). The previous tavern called ‘Benny’s Bar’ burned down a few weeks ago and Benny disappeared without a trace. Most think that he perished in the fire, but some sceptical voices are pointing out that the lack of bones in the ashes whenever this is mentioned. Luckily there where others who could start up a new tavern, and it’s greater with more space and staff, which has added to expand buissness greatly.

gk-old (11).jpg

In the evenings there’s usually some kind of entertainment to go around. This can be anything from poetry, stand-up and musik to armwresteling and dance. Usually the schedule is put up early in the morning, and all of Håle is encouraged to contribute with their funniest bits. For “laughter is fun, it’s the most fun any Håle-resident will have”. During especially harsh periods, the Leaders treat the inhabitants to a little extra, and even start the electric lights i the Tavern during the darkest hours. This is usually a real moral boost and is often assembles the whole of Håle. But electrical lights are noticed even outside the perimeters of society, and risks to attract both hostile groups and zone-runners.

The Gambling den


The newly opened Gambling Den has made a strong impact in Håle. Here people come to gamble, drink and forget their past. The Gambling Den has its own brewery, but is not unaccustomed to striking a deal with both smugglers and passing travelers if a chance presents itself.

More info coming soon…


Injuries, wounds and diseases is nothing unusual, neither in Håle or anywhere else, and those with medical knowledge who survived the catastrophe has as much work as they could ever want. Most people skilled in the medical field has spun off into their own tracks since the catastrophe, this resulting in what was previously known as healing does not always end up with the effect that the ill wished for in the first place. Some different orientations has developed, and continuing to grow alongside with the new world taking form. Some of the most common ways of healing are:

5 years after the catastrophe few people still think that a traditional doctor is a person with automatically good morals and good judgement, and this is why a lot of people avoid seeking aid for their ailments in time. Maybe you’ll have to lose a limb here or an ear there. And then we’re lucky the doctor’s available.


Medium Advisors
When the traditional doctors no longer needed to be verefied as they were before the catastrophe, knowledge about what is actual facts and what is…. not, has gotten mixed up, resulting in many alternative medicinal alignments. One of these alignments is what the medium advisors engage in. Exactly what and how they do what they do seems to differ between Healers and Advisors, but their work often has ritualistic elements, and it’s nothing for the feint of heart since they often use animal parts and bodily fluids of different kinds. To seek help with a Medium Advisor often comes with a price beyond the economivs, and because of this a lot of people are reluctant to seek out these healers. Many shy away from dealing with them since there is a kind of stigmatization around their working methods, but everyone knows that if you really need to get somre results a Medium Advisor is the obvious choice.

gk-old (26).jpg

For someone who knows what they’re doing, finding herbs and plants with healing properties is no hard task. A Herbalist has broad knowledge of how different plats can be dried, fermented, distilled and mixed to get the effect you desire. Do you need a tincture to give you courage to face an important task, or maybe a dressing to salve deep anxiety - then the Herbalist is the right person to seek out. These grinding fellows are also the right people to see for the one who wish to get their hands on concoctions with other properties than healing, like poison or drugs.


A contributing reason for Håle becoming a reality is the leadership that is found there. Many Leaders of Håle has been there since the juncture was first started, around a year ago, and they see the place and its inhabitants as their responsibility. These Leaders are involved in most things that involves the place and its structure, and are consulted in everything inbetween conflict resolutions between inhabitants to the best spot to place the next potato-field. It is the Leaders who take all important descisions. Or at least they decide who gets to deal with it. Those who enjoy the status of Leader are well respected among other groups, but they are overall very humble and prepared to listen to the inhabitands, since most of them understands that it is a vital part of a successful and effective Leadership to have the people on their side. Some Leaders tends to abuse this for their own interests, and it has previously occured some conflict within certain questions within the group of Leaders that ended up being solved in a few different ways.

To be in good favor with the Leaders is something that people within most occupations value high. To be able to get access to the best salesment spot, or to be the one who’s contacted first (or last) when certain tasks are to be solved it can be worthwhile, and even if the Leaders claim to be neutral in their relationship to the people and passing travelers, nothing in Håle happens by accident. All of the Leaders have different backgrounds, e.g. some might have been chosen to lead thanks to their wealth, their contacts or that they simply have a hold on enough people. This mixture of individuals means that the group isn’t always in agreement, and rumor has it that some racketing is taking place behind closed doors.

To play a Leader suits the one who wants lots of social and political gameplay. This group will in-game be well weld together and know eachother well, and they will have a group intrigue and history to act on/keep to, and that can help building personal bonds between characters within the group if you wish. This group will to some extent include SLP/elected people by confidence of the game-masters.


What kind of juncture would Håle be without people knowledgeble in running communication with the rest of the world?! A lot of this is messages, instructions, warnings and encouragemnts that needs to be mediated between Håle and other societies along the coast. But there’s also a great deal of activity within Håle itself. The Communicators has access to a pre-apocalyptiv technology for communicating that enables contact with other societies when the weather allows it, and it is usually very appreciated among the inhabitands of Håle to be able to take part in what happens on other parts of the country.

To play as a communicator gives you the opportunity to act as an expert on communication tech, and is suitable for social gameplay. As a communicator you can have different amounts of knowledge of the communication technology utilized in the LARP. You can be a full-fledged expert, imagine that you’re a full-fledged expert, or undergoing an education with a more experienced Communiator.

For the one who’s up for it, there is a possibility to sign up as interested to have extra responsibility over certain technologies in-game. This is a profession with resposibility that demands a big sense of LARPing and suits someone who enjoys social gameplay.



The last few months, people of Håle has started a production of various crops and fruits. The goal has been to put Håle on the map, and to strengthen its position as juncture for the area. Since the place is relatively safe from radiation and also is situated on fertile fields this is a relatively perfect place to farm crops like power-tatoes, ashpples and sting-cumber. An alignment of trade based on seeds and plants has flourished (!) lately and a lot of Håle’s inhabitants carry the hope of increased opportunity to work and to get more food in their bellies, as the project gets started. Therefore the Cropper’s chores are an interest of everyone and the work within this project is held in a high regard among both visitors, leaders and other professions. The Cropper’s chores include to manage the harvest of wild plants like lark-lichen, sweetstone and bristel-bark, and also packeting and arrange export for these.

Before the Green Wars a great deal of development of advanced - although not that sustainable - farming technology by a company known as Farmers Community Science Institute (FCSI). Today this thechnology is rarely seen, but the one who happens to find these artefacts and knick-knacks from the company would wisely take these to the Croppers for evaluation and eventual reward. Everything that can contribute to making the food production in Håle more efficiant has been promised to be ambply rewarded from the Leaders.

nature cultists


That many of the conflicts and natural disasters which together threw down humanity was the result of human greed is something the Nature Cultists won’t let anyone forget. These loud and a lot of the time boorish group has their roots already before the time of the catastrophe, but back then they were known as Grön Fred. The Nature Cultists foremost driving force is to mend the world with love, solidarity and participational influence, och they’re not afraid to take to… alternative methods to spread their message about democracy and community, and even if they understand that a lot of people see them as obtrusive, it’s a personal sacrifice they’re willing to make if it means creating a kinder and more including world.


Nature Cultists have a distinct cult-feeling and they value the group above all else. Since they’re convinced that egoism and capitalism are the two biggest reasons that the world as it was fell apart, they have clear rules about how humans should live not to end up there once again. Examples of this is that they advocate zero rights of ownership. Because if nobody owns anything, but everyone shares everything this means there’s no resources to fight about. Therefore it is not unusual that Nature Cultists share everything from clothes to partners, tools and adventures. Other groups often have a hard time to understand this concept, and see these individuals as boorish and obtrusive. A Nature Cultist doesn’t think there’s anything weird about e.g. lending a book from a book vendor without paying, while the book vendor will regard this as stealing. In the same way the Nature Cultists may surprise other groups with unexpected generosity both when it comes to labor and sharing stuff, since it’s obvious to the Nature Cultits that we have to rebuilt society in this way instead of continuing in the same tracks that led to The Green Wars. This is one of the reasons that the leaders in Håle welcome the Nature Cultists and their will to do their part in the construction of Håle, until further notice. The Nature Cultists may seem loud and unsympathetic, but they are really very much concerned that we have to take better care of each other and the world we still have.